Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

If you are looking for part-time flexible work at weekends, prefer to work remotely or want to scale your workload up by bidding on lots of jobs, that is fine by us. If you have the skill set to help someone, you can supplement your existing income or be a full-time WildHire worker.

We put the power in your hands

Set up your profile with the rates and hours you wish to offer. You can showcase pictures inside a gallery of what you can do, you can offer discounts if you are feeling generous, or you can ask for more money if it's an SOS job or unsociable hours, you work as you please. Sync your calendar so you get automated reminders of upcoming jobs and a handy invoicing system that can be downloaded individually or in bulk to make your life easy and save you time.

Put Power
Start Earning

Start earning now

Set up your profile and put yourself in the WildHire shopping window, add your bank details so we can release payment to you promptly once any jobs are completed. Filling in your profile properly will enable us to alert you when there is a SOS task in your area, giving you the chance to bid for that job.

Start browsing for jobs in your area

you can browse by category or keyword and you can filter all jobs quickly and easily finding the ones you are most interested in. Once you have found the ones you like, just hit the apply button and you can start to chat with the poster. Employers can reach out directly to you via chat and offer only you the job rather than putting it out for tender, so make sure your profile rocks.

Start Browsing
Making Offer

When making an offer

You can tell the poster a bit about yourself and why you feel you are the right fit, you can agree to the job posted amount or you can ask for more, the art of negotiation is in your court, you can sell yourself here and add pictures of previous work done if you think that would help to the chat. Above all, it's about striking a deal both parties are happy with!

Once the job is complete

Just mark it as done, the employer will do the same and your funds get released promptly.

Job Complete