Frequently Asked Questions
Sure thing, you can apply for as many jobs as you can handle, and you can manage all your jobs by syncing your calendar on your phone with WildHire so you don’t miss a thing. Booking work up in advance is a great way to stay busy, we will lock funds in for all your agreed jobs safely and securely.
There are thousands of jobs for you to apply for in many different categories, these could be jobs in construction, health and wellbeing, odd jobs around the house or even tech jobs for developers or designers, the job posted will tell you if it's in person or a remote worker needed.
Just apply for jobs, get them agreed and then do the work, once both parties are happy, we will release the funds to you, job done!
You don’t have to lift a finger; everything will be handled by us and available for you to download individually or in bulk so you can keep your finances tip top.
Once you have marked the job as complete the employer will get a nudge to do the same, if they decide to raise a dispute or are unsatisfied with the work done, they can contact you via chat to resolve amongst yourselves. If they do not raise a dispute and do not mark the job as done this will happen automatically after a 72-hour period from when you first marked the job as done.
You can look at a profile in detail, you can see verified reviews for previous work that the worker has completed on Wildhire. You can talk with a worker on chat to get a feel for him/her.
Employers can speak with the workers directly on chat, you can also request a refund in full and state your reasons for this. Similarly, a worker can also raise a dispute if they feel something is wrong and hinders them from completing the job agreed, examples of this might be no access if it is required, or maybe poor communication which stops them from completing the task.
This means someone is in great need and has posted this job as urgent. If you have filled your profile out fully and told us what your full skill sets are then we will know whether we should let you know about this job or not. If you are a plumber in Brighton and someone has a faulty boiler, we would bring this to your attention so you can apply for the job if you so wish.
We hear you loud and clear on this point, you can simply switch modes from worker to employer any time you want so you can earn money and get your posted jobs complete.
This is where the employer posts a job but asks to pay by performing a job or service in return, people have been trading for thousands of years this way and we are not going to stand in the way of a great reciprocal relationship. This feature enables people who have a great talent or skill set to get jobs done without paying with money. Just so you know you can only have one swap job in play at one time, if you don't return the favour this feature will cease to be available to you.
Our fee is currently set at 15% and is VAT inclusive. This fee is charged to the worker only, we will not charge you for posting jobs.
That is absolutely fine and all prices agreed between the poster and the worker are VAT inclusive. If you have told us you are VAT registered when signing up or add a VAT number afterwards, we will show you all the breakdowns on your invoices to keep things crystal clear for you.
The maximum time is 7 calendar days, but typically it is with you in around 3/4 business days.
Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we would be happy to help.
You need not worry as it is super easy to repost the same job again, just find the job card and select "Repost" it is as simple as that. You can make edits to the job like changing job amount, job description and date ranges. We will also notify you when your job is nearing its expiry date, so you can make any tweaks needed to get it agreed.
If you are a worker you must add your bank account to get paid out, ID is required to verify you at this point. Failure to upload an authentic document like a passport or drivers license will delay you receiving your funds!
All jobs can be cancelled automatically within the first 7 days for free if the job has not started. Any jobs that are cancelled post 7 days will incur a 5% refund fee which will be deducted from your payment. Payments for SOS jobs are not automatically refunded as we need to determine the status of the job before issuing any refunds.
We understand that jobs can often end up being bigger than first agreed, we help you get around this by giving the employer and worker the ability to send and request extra funds whilst the job is ongoing. This way you both still receive the protection of WildHire which ensure your money is secure and the job gets done to your satisfaction.
Notifications are essential for us to alert you of jobs in your area you may be interested in or job status updates which could involve payment updates or even disputes being raised. If you insist you do not need these on you can hit you "Kill switch" in the main menu but be warned you will miss out on important updates and opportunities!