Posting the job

Tell everyone what you want doing, give a detailed description and an informative title. Select a budget you would be happy to pay for this task and then post it. Sit back and wait for the offers from workers to roll in.

Posting Job

Choose the worker that floats your boat

See how it goes with your initial job post, maybe you will have plenty to choose from if you priced it fairly. If you have looked at worker profiles and know the worker you prefer, simply hit the “chat” button on their profile and offer the job directly to them. Choosing the right worker is made easy with in-depth profiles which include photo galleries and verified reviews.

Choose Worker


Once you have selected the worker and all is agreed, the job poster will make payment to lock this job in, this makes the worker happy knowing their job is now secure. The poster can also be safeguarded against any shoddy workmanship knowing the worker will not be paid until they are completely satisfied with the job.


Job done - happy days

Once all is complete be sure to give the worker a review so others know they are a trusted skilled worker, the worker can also review you as an employer so all things are fair and equal.

Job Done

Switch mode

If you are using WildHire to get jobs done but realise you can also make some extra money in your spare time by offering Your skills and services simply just switch to worker mode and fill your profile out and add a bank account so you can receive your funds for jobs completed.

Switch Mode
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